About Me

What's with the Fish?

Here's a little about Designmonger.

Bradd Payne (that's me) has been involved on the Design Industry for the past 10 years...

I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer for companies such as Omicare Alliance, Eyecare PlusFlight Centre Ltd, Joyer, Real Estate Investar Magazine, Nicomotive Design, Shoal Bay Resort and Spa, as well as various other companies throughout NSW and QLD.

I have been interested in design and creative arts for as long as I can remember, however growing up there wasn't any of these fancy computer type things that could do all these amazing things (yes I'm a bit Old aren't I?). So I worked in the Childcare industry for 8 years because I loved being able to help other people and also I'm just a big kid anyway.

After 8 years it was time for a change so I attended University of Newcastle to complete my Bachelor of Design (visual Communications)..... And it was whilst I was juggling study and part time work as a FishMonger at a local fresh Seafood that designmonger was born. Hence the Fish!