Website Design

When does a website become a business tool?

Utilising Content Managemant Systems (CMS), designmonger aims to provide website design and development solutions that are flexible to cater for your business needs on the internet. Whether your business is located in Port Macquarie or anywhere in Australia, whether your business requires a small brochure website or a fully integrated Ecommerce shopping cart, Designmonger will work closely to ensure that the solution is tailored to meet the changing landscape of doing business online. 

Enewsletters... interactive Solutions for business

More than ever businesses are looking to the internet to for greater ways to connect to their customers. Enewsletters are one way to stay in touch with your customer base and compared to traditional marketing solutions, can be quite inexpensive. Enewsletters can give businesses the opportunity to not only target their marketing but also measure accurately the effectiveness of the campaign.


So you've heard all these acronyms but what do they mean? In reality as a business owner you should understand what these mean right? Actually yes, you should have a basic understanding of what they are used for, however you don't need to learn how to code to be able to take your business online. What you do need to know is that  Designmonger can help you take your buiness to the next step online.

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